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Services: Translations

MBO Translation Services


MBO - Maximize Business Opportunities offers a broad range of products and services.
Among the services we offer, are translation services to / from Hebrew, German and English.

Those translation services include on-site oral translations, as well as written translation services.


Translation Services

•    From  German  to  Hebrew; from  Hebrew to German

•    From  English   to  Hebrew; from  Hebrew to  English

•    From  German  to  English; from   English to  German


For written translations, we prefer to receive the source material in Microsoft-Word format. Our translated material will also be in the same format. For other document formats, please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.


For on-site translation services either in Israel or abroad, please get in touch with MBO to discuss your specific requirements and to receive a customized quotation.

Among the translation services performed, are several projects which differ in size and complexity. The translations include challenging technical, commercial and legal documents, as well as on-site commercial negotiations abroad.

Some of the translation projects have been executed on extremely short notice, with some of the translated documents delivered within hours.

Please note that MBO – Maximize Business Opportunities may assist you with additional business related services, such as local representation, technology scouting, business development, marketing and sales support.

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