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About Us

MBO - Maximize Business Opportunities is a network of senior business professionals whose goal is to initiate and develop business relationships among a wide range of technology providers and relevant customers and partners. All our associates are senior professionals with many years of hi-tech business development experience.

While we're well versed in technology as an enabler, we perceive technology to be necessary but not sufficient for business success. The reason for this is, that we have seen far too many cases in which many business opportunities did not materialize for reasons that had little or nothing to do with technology. More often than not technology-rooted entrepreneurs / vendors are so focused on the "obvious" technical advantages of their products or services that they neglect to build a convincing business case and to formulate a strategy by which these could be successfully introduced into the market place.

MBO will carefully select a portfolio of complementing technologies. Typically the products and solutions selected by MBO will be best of breed technologies. This portfolio is then presented to potential customers and partners. MBO will assist customer as well as vendor to conclude a successful business transaction.

A major advantage of MBO as an impartial mediator is our capability to point out potential challenges and provide possible solutions for vendors as well as customers. Too often those issues are overlooked by both parties who try to sell (push) their off-the-shelf products or by potential customer, feeling insecure about the motivation of the vendor.

MBO strives for long-term relationships with its technology partners and customers and partners. Consequently, it offers coaching oriented at best matching vendor and customer aspirations.

Additional services MBO offers, include:

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