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MBO - Maximize Business Opportunities

MBO - Maximize Business Opportunities offers a broad range of results oriented services. Among the services we offer are Business Development, Marketing and Sales Assistance, as well as Translation Services, Start-up Assistance, Technology Scouting, and identification of Investment Opportunities and custom tailored services. Our main activities are in Networking, Ethernet and IP Solutions, Life Sciences, as well as Homeland Security and related topics.   

MBO - Maximize Business Opportunities is a network of senior business professionals whose goal is to initiate and develop business relationships among a wide range of technology providers and relevant customers and partners. All our associates are senior professionals with many years of hi-tech business development experience.   

MBO - Maximize Business Opportunities has good relations to the Israeli High-Tech industry. We understand our customer’s expectations and are able to identify relevant products and partners best suited to satisfy their current and future requirements. Whether you are looking for the latest and most exciting technology, or you wish to establish your company in this innovative market, talk to us. MBO – Maximize Business Opportunities may be your local partner or local representative to penetrate this fast moving market.

MBO - Maximize Business Opportunities has years of experience in detecting innovative solutions and novel applications at an early stage and bringing them to the market. We specialize in bringing Israeli High-Tech solutions to world markets, particularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. MBO – Maximize Business Opportunities, has successfully bridged the cultural gaps between innovative entrepreneurs and established customers and partners.

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